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Innovative Turbo Systems' have vast capabilities including; engineering services in rotordynamic, thermal transfer, computational fluid dynamics (CFD)�and finite element analysis (FEA). Additionally, ITS provides a complete line of ball bearing turbochargers, select turbo systems, upgrades, turbo remanufacturing and turbocharger components, see below for further detail.�

Dual Ball Bearing System

A patented, Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing System is an integral part of our product line. Innovative Turbo Systems is the only aftermarket turbocharger manufacturer producing a dual ball bearing turbocharger. The Innovative Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbocharger product line has been in production since 2001, these turbos have won races in Rally, European Rally Cross, Drag Racing, ALMS and Off Shore Boat Racing, with this level of success there is little wonder why Innovative Turbo Systems enjoy a world wide customer base. The improvements in mechanical efficiency of the ball bearing turbocharger helps the overall engine efficiency, add quicker turbo response(spool-up), transient response and better fuel mileage and there is a compelling argument for adding this technology to your racing program.

NEW! Super Duplex Dual Ball Bearing System

Innovative Turbo Systems have developed a new dual ball bearing system called: Super Duplex. The Super Duplex Bearing System significantly improves bearing life, operational stability, and adaptation to thermal growth of turbocharger components during transient system operation. The system was developed in response to ever increasing demands on racing turbochargers and is considered to be cutting-edge turbomachinery-technology by the turbocharger industry. Innovative Turbo Systems built its reputation by leading the aftermarket turbo industry, this new technology continues that tradition. Several complimentary technologies are planned and will be announced soon.

Custom Turbochargers

Innovative Turbo Systems is know for producing some of the best turbochargers money can buy. By providing results oriented, custom solutions, based on customer requirements, ITS has proven this reputation is well earned. Whether building a new turbocharged engine or refining an existing design, top teams know that ITS is there to help with innovative solutions, interpretation of new rules and creative strategies. ITS takes pride in providing a superior product, in a timely manner.

Turbo Systems

Here at ITS we know that the turbo is only one piece of the �performance puzzle�, and that it takes many additional components to complete a full power picture. Through the years we have been intricately involved with literally thousands of performance turbo systems, and have gathered valuable experience as a result, this experience has been further enhanced by working with leading internal combustion engine technology.� Our technical expertise and �hands-on� experience with turbo systems is a valuable resource offered to our customers in need of help. Give us a call and talk to one of our experienced sales and technical people, they can assist you in getting more power, better efficiency and better durability. We can also assist you in making your own turbo kit; be it a one-off application or a private label production system, we have the expertise to make it reality. In addition, we can make any compressor, turbine housing or manifold design to suit your need, please call us for details.

Innovative Turbo Systems have worked very closely with top teams world wide, we have assisted them in their quest for improvement and yielded very good results. We work on an application by application basis to come up with individual solutions rather then the one size fits all approach used by some of our competitors. Our technicians will not share proprietary information between teams, however, they will draw from the collective experience and expertise that exists within Innovative Turbo Systems.

Upgrades & Remanufacturing

Innovative Turbo Systems can Upgrade and Remanufacture many OEM turbochargers. We can do Compressor and Turbine Upgrades, Thrust System Upgrades and Bearing System Upgrades. Our Top Notch remanufacturing process leaves nothing to chance, we inspect, assemble and balance every remanufactured and upgraded turbo to the same high standard as our new turbos.


Innovative Turbo Systems offers engineering services, our on staff engineers are world class and ready to work on your engineering project. Our main expertise are in the areas of high speed rotating machinery, heat exchangers, system integration, casting technology, FEA and CFD. A major advantage in working with ITS on an engineering project is our ability to act as a project manager, when combining our lean internal structure with our vast network of contract engineers, it adds up to significant savings as compared to a larger overhead-heavy engineering firm.

Turbine Wheels

Innovative Turbo Systems produces Turbine Wheels using Inconel 713, these wheels are available with Big Shaft in Stage IV, Stage V, Stage 6, P trim, Q trim and X trim, we also manufacture the exclusive R trim for the ultimate in T4 frame size back pressure reduction. This Innovative 10 blade design allows higher EGT�s, quicker spool-up and better transient response. This design has been tested at the racetrack and has won race events all over the world in many forms of racing. Call our sales / technical team for information on how this technology can benefit you.

Turbocharger Components

Innovative Turbo Systems are producing high efficiency compressor wheels, compressor housings, and turbine housings, in addition we manufacture upgraded bearing systems, bearing housings, stainless steel heat shields and billet aluminum seal plates. ITS can produce private label turbocharger components such as compressor and turbine housings, this benefits our customers by giving them their own identity in this very competitive market. Please contact sales for more information regarding this service.

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