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Innovative Turbo Systems, Inc., was founded on the principle of providing Simply the Best in performance turbo chargers and the lowest prices for car parts, components, accessories and systems. Our combined 200-plus years of experience in research, design, development and manufacturing of turbochargers makes ITS a formidable force in the turbo racing industry. Being racers ourselves, ITS offers the unique advantage of offering the racer�s insight when it comes to getting honest, knowledge based answers and solutions. Our highly competitive nature, technical expertise, and hands-on approach constantly drives ITS to develop new products that out-perform. At Innovative Turbo Systems, we�re continually taking turbocharging to the next level!

Our philosophy on service falls right in line with our products... provide Simply the Best service and technical knowledge in the industry. We know that all good relationships are built on trust, and we do not transfer proprietary information between teams, we simply provide the same level of expertise to our individual customers as we do to race teams and automobile kit manufacturers. At Innovative Turbo Systems we will give you the straight scoop, even if it is not exactly what you want to hear. And when it comes to Turbo System�Upgrades or Engine�Rebuild Kits, the quality of materials and workmanship is second to none! Our modern facility�incorporates offices, a clean-room for assembly, an inspection room, a full research and development shop, a complete machine shop with our�all new CNC machine shops, inspection and balancing equipment. In short, we have the knowledge, ability and equipment to develop and manufacture turbos from thought to finish.

Working directly with Duttweiler Performance, GM Racing, Rieger Motorsports,�Opel Motorsports,� and many others, we understand�turbocharged power and its unique challenges.

Whether its a small displacement 4 cylinder or larger displacement V6, V8, V10, import or domestic,�ball bearing or dual ball bearing,�or super duplex ball bearing,�Innovative Turbo Systems is dedicated to increasing the power and response of every application. We have the knowledge and experience to bring you the solutions you need to beat the competition. Innovative Turbo Systems' commitment to providing the best match for every need has helped catapult many racing teams, including GM, Ford or Chrysler ,to be a leader in their respective classes.

Innovative Turbo Systems' turbochargers have assisted their owners set world records, win races and championships in categories like: Drag Racing, Landspeed Racing, Rally, Rally Cross, Road Racing, Off-shore Boat Racing, Snow mobile racing, and more. (The "Team Innovative" section of this site will have more details about various users, records and wins.)

We carry all kinds of lines and products such as VW performance parts, motorcycle turbo kits and motorcycle performance parts, audi turbo parts,�Ford performance parts, Honda performance parts, as well as Toyota accessories, motorcycle accessories, and so much more!

The people at Innovative Turbo Systems have been involved in turbo-charging import engines since the early eighties, before there was "import racing" (now know as sport compact racing in the US). Innovative Turbo Systems has unequaled experience and expertise within this market, as a result, we�have worked with numerous high profile race teams. Teams like GM Racing, AEM, Leone Racing, Vinny Ten, Manny Cruz�(and many others that have asked us to keep our involment a secret), they all rely on Innovative�s products and support. Honda turbo�kits, Mitsubishi turbo kits, Audi or BMW turbo kits, and every other turbo kit�on the street or at the track�...whatever your need is, more boost, more power or great looking components to add to your engine compartment, rest assured that you are getting the best possible product for your performance�project.

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